Zakat and Ushr


Author: Abdur Rahman Shad
ISBN-10: 817231017X
Publisher: Islamic Book Service

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Author: Abdur Rahman Shad
Binding: Paperback
Printing: One Color
Pages: 104
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Full Description: In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful.
Zakat is one of the magnificent pillars of Islam on which its superstructure rests. It aims at the purification of wealth as well as the soul of its possessor. He who does not take out a part of his God-given wealth for his poorer brethren, his wealth and soul becomes tainted with impurity. He is, in fact, an ungrateful person who is the worshipper of gold and silver instead of Allah. The spending of wealth for the sake of Allah purifies the heart of man from the love of material wealth. The munificent offers his wealth as a humble gift before TheLord and thus affirms the truth that nothing is dearer to him in life than the love of Allah and that he is fully prepared to sacrifice everything for His sake.
Zakat is the most effective measure to improve the economic condition of the destitute. It is not, however, a mere tax but a form of worship. The believers have been urged to pay Zakat with the same spirit of devotion in which the seeker of the love of Lord observes the prayer. The primary objective of Zakat is religious and spiritual but the social and economic aspects are subservient to it. Its social significance is that it awakens in the man the sense of fraternity in respect of the poor members of society and stirs his moral conscience to make sacrifice for their sake. From economic point of view it discourages hoarding and concentration of wealth and keeps its steady and constant flow from the rich to the poor. It goes a long way for ameliorating their hard lot. The payment of Zakat is an obligatory act which every Muslim is enjoined to perform if he is capable to do so and is sincere in his beliefs. This sincerity demands of every follower of Islam that he should acquit himself of the rights of Allah as well as of mankind. He who willingly spends his hard – earned wealth on his brethren – in faith, neighbours and other fallow beings and by doing so, does not aspire for earning their gratitude but rather feels obliged to them himself, will enjoy perfect mental peace. Every believer should keep in mind that the tears springing out from the bottom of a bleeding heart prove to be more efficacious than piles of gold and silver. The consolation of such unfortunate brethern- in – faith is a source of eternal joy. In the present era the sense of responsibility to discharge this obligation in respect of the crying humanity has disappeared. The people behave like stray cattle and adopt indifferent attitude towards one another. The noble ideals of sympathy, generosity, compassion, benevolence, serenity, peace, contentment and self-denial have lost their significance. The messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: In kindliness and affection the Muslims are like a single body. If any part of it is stricken with disease, the whole body suffers from fever and restlessness. (Agreed Upon) Unfortunately this saying of the benefactor of mankind, Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) is being neglected absolutely. Most of the Muslims have inculcated in their inner recesses of the heart the sentiments of selfishness, avarice, egotism and parsimony. They do not fulfil the right of human-beings. In the present circumstances the Gorvernment and the Muslim community under an un-Islamic state are responsible for the provision of competence for its poor and destitute members. The money should be collected from the rich and distributed among the poor. If any individual passes the night in hunger, the blame will be attached to the whole community because it does not stir itself to feed him. The Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: if a man remains afflicted with hunger among people inspite of their knowledge about him, the protection of Allah is taken from them. Blessed and Great is He. (Ahmad)
The best way of helping the poor, is to collect and pay Zakat to the deserving persons. Keeping in view the vital importance and excellence of Zakat, I have written this book which contains all rules and regulations pertaining to Zakat, ‘Ushr and alms-giving. I have in my own humble way tried to make it beneficial for those readers who are interested in the subject. How far I have successed in my endeavour is not for me to pass any judgement. The fruit of my labour is before the readers who can assess its value.
O’ Lord! Accept this (effort) from us. Verily, You are the Hearer, the knower.
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Edition: 2001
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ISBN-10: 817231017X
Publisher: Islamic Book Service
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