Upbringing Of Children


Author: Moulana Moosa Ibn Ahmed Olgar
ISBN-10: 8174356223
Publisher: Adam Publishers & Distributors

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Full Description: The love of one’s child is embedded in the hearts of all parents by Allah Ta’ala, irrespective of the parents being Muslim or non-Muslim, black or white, eastern or western. There is on lack of evidence to prove this point. The millions of dollars spent annually by parents in purchasing of children’s clothing, shoes, food and toys bear ample testimony to this love.
In courts of law, where parents engage best attorneys and advocates to obtain custody of the children when a marriage has ended, or there is a separation, is a demonstration of this love. The heartbreak, trauma, depression and suffering experienced by parents as can be determined from newspaper articles reporting the disappearance or loss of one’s children or child is further proof of the ingrained and inherent love.
This is where the similarity ends between non-Muslim and Muslim parents. The love that Muslim parents have is not confined or limited to providing of material end physical comforts and requirements of this worldly sojourn only, but to model the life of the child in the light of the teachings of the Holy Quraan and our Beloved Naby Sayyedana Muhammad (S.A.W.) so that the child may enjoy a life of eternal happiness and joy, after death.
Islam is a complete way of life and has left no aspect of life without guidance and direction. Of the many duties and responsibilities that the Muslim parents have is the obligation upon them to instil love of Allah and His Rasul (S.A.W.) into the hearts of their children. It is an obligation upon them to save themselves and their children from earning the wrath of Allah Ta’ala in this world and the punishment in the fire of Hell in the Hereafter. This can only be achieved by applying, practicings and following the guidelines of Shariah in the upbringing of the Children.
The author Moulana Moosa Ahmed Olgar, whom Allah Ta’ala has blessed with concern for the welfare of the Muslim Ummah, which is evidenced from his engagement in Dawah and Tabligh, has compiled in this book from reliable books of Islamic teachings an A to Z guide for parents. The book provides couples with guidance and direction in all aspects ranging from marriage, sexual relationship, pregnancy, conception, birth of the child, breast feeding, nursing, education and proper Tarbiyat until the child is of marriageable age.
I recommend that this book should occupy an integral place in each home library and be carefully read by all, for in the implementation of its contents in one’s life lies a solution to the problems parents are confronted with rebellious and delinquent children.
May Allah Ta’ala grant the book and the author acceptance and grant the Muslim Ummah benefit from them.

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