The Story Of The Prophet Ibrahim (as)

The Story Of The Prophet Ibrahim (as)


Fun to Color and Do Quran Story Mazes
Author: Saniyasnain Khan
ISBN-10: 8178981440
Publisher: Goodword Books

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Full Description: Quran Story Mazes
This book is ideal for children of five years and upward. Through these mazes, children are introduced to the best loved stories from the Quran, as well as to other relevant historical and factual information. The mazes are not only uniquely designed and fun to do but are also educational, thus enabling children to readily understand the message of the Quran.
Also In This Series:
1. When Life Began and Other Stories
2. The Story of the Prophet Yusuf (as)
3. The Story of the Prophet Musa (as)
4. Stories of the Prophets Dawud (as) and Sulayman (as)
5. The Man of Fish and other Story
6. Life of the Prophet Muhammad (saw)
(Three Books)

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