The Ring Of King Sulaiman (a.s.)

The Ring Of King Sulaiman (a.s.)


The Story of Jinn, the Flying Carpet, Birds, Ants
Author: Mohamad Yasin Owadally
ISBN-10: 81743518510
Publisher: Adam Publishers &Distributors

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Full Description: Prophet Sulaiman-ibn-Dawood,( Soloman son of David ) peace of Allah be upon all the Prophets, was crowned by Allah with various favors and blessings. Allah subjected legions of Jinns and devils , Animals and birds, wind and nature as a whole to the command of the king and Prophet Sulaiman (a.s) who was the wealthiest king of all times.
At the age of 13 , Sulaiman (a.s), inherited prophecy and wisdom from his father , Dawood (a.s): Esoteric knowledge together with the comprehension on animals and birds languages also became part of his secret science .(QUR?AN 45:43) Allah conferred to Sulaiman (a.s) =, such great powers over nature and the Jinns by virtue of a most wonderful talisman which had come down to him from heaven. It was MIGHTY SIGNET-RING. Allah tested Sulaiman (a.s) , as his newly-wed wife committed a sin with idol-worship at his palace. The prophet lost his kingdom for forty days.

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