The Prophet And His Ten Companions

The Prophet And His Ten Companions


Who Were Promised Paradise
Author: Al-Hafiz Abdul-Ghani al-Maqdisi
ISBN-13: 9781495194368
Publisher: Authentic Statements Publishing

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Author: Al-Hafiz Abdul-Ghani al-Maqdisi
Co-Author: Shaykh Muhammad bin Abdul-Wahhab al- Aqil
Translator: Rasheed ibn Estes Barbee
Binding: Paperback
Printing: One Color
Pages: 187
Size: 9 x 6 x 0.5
Full Description: It is unfortunate that there are young Muslims who have been raised by Muslim parents but have not read the biography of the Prophet (saw) even one day, while they have heard the names of hundreds of disbelievers and other Muslim personalities. In truth, this is a deficiency from the parents, because the mind and heart of the child is like a vessel – if you fill it with good, it will be filled with good, and if you fill it with evil, then evil will occupy it. And if you neglect these vessels, someone else will fill them.
It is upon the Muslim fathers to fear Allah the Exalted and to fill the hearts and minds of their children with the sirah of the Prophet (saw) and the sirah of his Companions, so they can take them as their role models.
The youth will definitely take someone as a role model. If you make the Prophet (saw) their role model, they will succeed in this life and the next. If not, others will give them role models, such as athletes, actors, and singers. Thus, fear Allah, O noble fathers, concerning your children.
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Publication Year: 2016
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ISBN-13: 9781495194368
Publisher: Authentic Statements Publishing
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