The Guide That Reveals Secrets Khizr


The Mysterious Green Master
Author: Mohammad Yasin Owadaily
Publisher: Kutub Khana Ishayat-Ul-Islam

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Full Description: Who is Khizr? Khizr, the Green Master, is the mysterious sage endowed with immortality and who is said to enter into conversation with wandering Saints and Sufis to impart to them some of his God-given sciences. Allah reveals some of the higher sciences to him, which could not be understood by even the prophet Moosa (a.s).
Khizr was the Vizier of King Sikandar and the anonymous guide to Moosa (a.s) in the holy Quran (18: 64-81). He again appeared in the funeral of the holy Prophet (s.a.w). Khizr is predicted by Mohammad (s.a.w) to challenge Dajjal at the end of time.
Khizr is the unseen guide of the Mystics and he is still alive in the flesh! He is still to be seen in holy places. Khizr, the green man is the patron travellers in Turkish folklore. In Iraq he is revered as the patron saint of water. In Sri Lanka, some hamlets in the vicinity of Adam’s peak are listed as receiving the patronage of Khizr. The Iranian island, Abadan, is known as Khizr’s Island. This Mysterious person is also well known in Malaysia and in Mauritius which was known to the Arabs as, Jazirat-ul-Munnawarah.
Is Khizr really alive? Is he immortal? Is he a man? Is there any unseen world where Khizr rules? Why some of his actions contradicted the Shari’ah of prophet Moosa (a.s)?
These and many more questions are answered in this book. Besides unravelling traditions and folklore, Mohammad Yasin Owadally presents colourful anecdotes, episodes, sketches and encounters by Sufis with Khizr.

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