The Greatest Stories From The Quran

The Greatest Stories From The Quran


Ages 7 and Above
Author: Saniyasnain Khan
ISBN-10: 8178980975
Publisher: Goodword Books

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Full Description: Bring Quran Stories to Life for Your Kids!
30 action-packed Quran stories cover the periods from the Creation of the Prophet Adam (as) to the devastating floods of the Prophet Nuh (as), from the days of cruetly of Firawn to the times of the Prophet Musa (as), from the days of the Prophet Isa (as), to the advent of the Prophet Muhammad (saw). Each one of these stories is short enough to finish in one sitting.
Use The Greatest Stories from the Quran in the classroom or at home, at bedtime or at any other time. It’s the perfect way to begin your child’s lifetime adventure of reading from the Quran!

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