The Fantastic Adventures of Hatim Tai [8.5″ x 5.5″] Paperback- By Mohamad Yasin


The Marvellous But Perilous adventures of Hatim Tai in the Quest of seven answers, from the Arabian and Persian Literature.
Author: Mohamad Yasin Owadally
ISBN-10: 8174351841
Publisher: Adam Publishers & Distrubutors

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Glory be to Allah the Lord of the Universe and may the Favour and peace of Allah be on Mohammad, the Chosen.
There were seven tales that from the complete story, of “The Adventures of Hatim Tai. And so seven books. The adventures of Hatim Tai have long obtained the highest popularity in those regions where Arabic and Persian are spoken and studied. To the brief, the actual work is the perilous but fantastic adventures undertaken by Hatim Tai to unveil the seven questions put to him by Usn Banu. The Story delves in his encountering with supernatural beings and his victory over supernatural powers and his ever-ready assistance to the needy!
The Hero, Hatim (Hatim ben Ubaid ben Said) was chief of the tribe of Tai. His native country was Yemen and as per other historians, Arabia. But it is uncertain what were the extent and resources of his domains. Hatim Tai is a famous figure in Arab folklore. He became the honoured epitome of Arab hospitality. He was also known as a warrior. His legendary exploits were to find a prominent place in Arab literature, but with the spread of Islam, his fame, generosity and heroism extolled in Persia, India and even Malaya. Maidani, an Arabian author of the 12th century says, “Hatim was liberal, brave, wise and victoriou. When he was asked, he gave; when he shot his arrow, he hit the mark; when he fought, he conquered; and whomsoever he took captive, he liberated.”
Hatim’s hand was always ready to assist the poor and feed the hungry. It is said that he often slaughtered 40 camels to share the flesh among the neighbouring poor Arabs, Hatim is synonymous to generosity in the East. In India, Egypt and other Arabian countries Hatim is still extremely popular.
From preface of the book

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