Tea Tree Soap

Tea Tree Soap


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Tea Tree Glycerin SoapMoisturize as you gently clean your face, hands and body with Piping Rock?s Tea Tree Oil Glycerine Soap! Soap is created when vegetable oils meet an alkaline solution, which ?saponifies? into glycerine (the substance that creates foam). When you use soap, it attaches the molecules of oils, dirt and grime on your body to water molecules, which take the dirt along with them when you rinse. It?s that simple, and it?s pretty neat!
We?ve added the bracing woody-fresh aroma of tea tree essential oil to this wonderfully cleansing soap to offer you a truly wholesome washing experience!

Tea Tree Soap is a handmade hand cut natural oil-based soap. It is made from Pure Tea Tree Oil, Basil leaves, oils of Olive, Castor, Coconut and Palm with Vitamin E.Tea Tree essential gives the soap its anti-bacterial properties that inhibit bacteria, fungi, and viruses and reduce redness & swelling that commonly occurs with acne or pimples.Our unique soap formulation has a fresh and herby aroma that leaves you feeling rejuvenated with its smooth and foamy lather.




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