Tea Tree African Black Soap



Naturally Exfoliating Soap
Imported From Ghana Africa
Great for Cleansing:
African Black Soap is one of the rarest soaps you will find. Originating in West African countries like Ghana, African Black Soap has been used for centuries as a natural remedy for cleansing the skin.

African Black Soap is familiar to many people of African descent for its skin care benefits. It has been known to soothe skin irritations and diseases from simple rashes to contact dermatitis and psoriasis, as well as fading skin discolorations and evening out skin tone. Moisturize as you gently clean your face, hands and body with Tea Tree African Black Soap!
Soap is created when vegetable oils meet an alkaline solution, which ?saponifies? into glycerine (the substance that creates foam). When you use soap, it attaches the molecules of oils, dirt and grime on your body to water molecules, which take the dirt along with them when you rinse. It?s that simple, and it?s pretty neat!


African Black Soap


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