Sexual Issues In Modern Era & It’s Solution In Islam


Morality In Islam
Author: Dr. Mufti Allie Haroun Sheik
ISBN-10: 8174353941
Publisher: Adam Publishers & Distributors

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Author: Dr. Mufti Allie Haroun Sheik
Co-Author: Sheikh Ismail Abdur-Razack
Binding: Paperback
Printing: One Color
Pages: 400
Size: 8.5 x 5.5 x 1
Full Description: Islam subjects human passions and desires in the service of noble goals such as obedience to Almighty Allah Ta’ala which generates, in life, values of love, virtue, truth and integrity. Those steeped in sensual pleasured and who are slaves to their blind passions, are doomed to life of deprivation and restlessness, for carnal desires, once rampant, become insatiable. The appetite increases with every effort to satisfy it resulting in a craze for the maximization of sensual pleasure. Such an attitude to life is not conducive to progress either materially or spiritually. Humanity cannot approach higher levels of nobility and virtue unless it is free from the dominance of bling carnal appetite.
In his approach to moral problems, the writter has adequately dealt with the burning issues of sexual morality in Islam, highlighting the extent to which Islamic value systems serve as a protective mechanism against the promiscuous modern western society.
Mufti Allie Haroun Sheik, President of the E.I.C., is the founder publisher of OASMI PUBLICATIONS, which incorporates a scientific and cultural research academy, and is also Honorary Executive Member of the famous Imaamah and Da’wah Institute of Ladysmith. He is an outstanding research scholar, prolitic writer and dynamic leadership and potential are well Know internationally.
The title of the book originally was “Morality in Islam” when it was first published. But subsequently, for next edition we changed the name to “Sexual Issues in Modern Era & It’s Solution in Islam” , as we thought that the earlier name was not in accordance with the burning issues which were discussed by the author, and which is relevant to the subject matter of the book.
Net Weight (LB): 1.01
Edition: 2010
Shipping Weight (LB): 1.5
ISBN-10: 8174353941
Publisher: Adam Publishers & Distributors
Country of Printing: India
Warning: This book is printed in India and does not match the original quality of the Publisher. This is a second quality print to reduce the printing cost and make it affordable. If you are looking for orginal publisher printed books then please do not buy this. There might be some stains or marks on book cover as they are packaged and shipped from India, but these are new and unused books.

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