Secrets Within The Order Of The Qur’an


Author: Al-Hafiz al-Mufassir Jalal Al-Din Al-Suyuti
ISBN-13: 978-1-9164756-0-1
Publisher: Dar Al-Arqam Publishing

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Author: Al-Hafiz al-Mufassir Jalal Al-Din Al-Suyuti
Translator: Adnan Kareem
Co-Translator: Ariff Olla
Binding: Hardback
Printing: One Color
Pages: 336
Full Description: This unique book displays the genius of al-Suyūṭī in an exegesis of the Qurʾān. Through his deep reflection and knowledge of the Qurʾān and its related sciences, he provides insights into why its chapters are ordered so and unveil intricacies to the reader which could only have been unearthed by one possessing such mastery and genius. The author states at many junctures within the book that he is displaying his reflections to the reader, so one is given the opportunity through this intimate writing style to ponder over the Qurʾān from the perspective of a true tafsīr master.
The author said, “[I have aimed to produce an interesting book about a special theme]—that being the rationale of the order of the surahs—so it can help and save the time of one who is after such knowledge. Most of its content is from my own thoughts, contemplation and insights since only a few people have touched upon this topic. I have explicitly given reference to that which I used from others, and I would only mention that which is good and would not make me subject to criticism.
Net Weight (LB): 1.07
Edition: First
Publication Year: 2018
Shipping Weight (LB): 1.12
ISBN-13: 978-1-9164756-0-1
Publisher: Dar Al-Arqam Publishing
Country of Printing: Turkey

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