Ramadan Made Simple

Ramadan Made Simple

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A compact And Informative Guide ,Tells About The Spiritual Aspect Of Fasting
Author: Saniyasnain Khan
ISBN-10: 9788178987972
Publisher: Goodword

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Author: Saniyasnain Khan
Binding: Paperback
Printing: Four Color
Pages: 64
Size: 4 x 6.50
Full Description: Improve your knowledge of Ramadan with this easy-to-read pocket reference book.
• gain a meaningful and deeper understanding of the month of Ramadan.
• focus on the essential aspects of Ramadan, such as piety, moral discipline, patience and spirituality.
• learn about and reflect upon the relevance of Ramadan in the present world.
• a 7-page pull-out chart giving the month of Ramadan
at a glance
Net Weight (LB): 0.20
Edition: 2014
Publication Year: 2012
Shipping Weight (LB): 0.22
ISBN-10: 9788178987972
Publisher: Goodword
Country of Printing: India

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