Organic Moringa and Blackseed Detox Bitters



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Organic Moringa & Black Seed Detox Bitters:

Organic Moringa & Black Seed Bitters Al Riyan Organic Blessing 16 OZ. Gluten-free, Vegan, No GMO, Halal, Organic, Unfiltered & Unrefined. No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

Total blood and respiratory system detoxification. Ingredients:

Moringa leaf, black seed, mahogany bark, cinnamon, abochie bark, cerase, aloe vera, bois bande root, flaxseed, bois bande bark, coriander, acal, cayenne, chicory root, chenney root, dandelion, distilled water, garlic, gingko, ginger root, mauby bark, golden berry, honey, kelp, lemon, moca, oregano, sea moss, and sorrel.




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