Organic Coconut with papaya



This all-Natural Hand Soap has Plenty of Antibacterial Kick from Essential Oils, which will help to keep you and your Family Healthy. And While Much Antibacterial Soap can be very drying, the Addition of Coconut Oil to this will help to keep your Hands Smooth and Supple.
Nourishing Body & Face Wash – Our Essential Castile Soaps with Coconut Milk, along with a bit of Vitamin E Oil, Comes together to make a Gentle & Nourishing Body & Face Wash. The Whole Family will love to use.
Shampoo – Essential Palace Castile Soap can also be used as Shampoo. Put Roughly Half of a tablespoon in your hand & Work it into Damp Hair. It also works as a Conditioner to Untangle your Hair.
Facial Pack – Apply Liberally on to a towel soaked into hot water. Wring out & Drape over Scalp & Face, Messaging with finger tips. Antibacterial “Essential Palace Castile Soap” Cleanser Make an All-Natural DIY version of the popular “Soft Scrub” Cleaner Using Baking Soda, Castile Soap, & Vinegar. The Baking Soda give this cleaner extra “OOmph” for Scrubbing Away Grease & Grime on Tile, Glass, Stove tops, Porcelain, & Much More!

Coconut and Papaya Body Wash from Nubian Heritage adds a tropical twist to your everyday skin care routine. Let the fresh, juicy scent of natural papaya transport your thoughts to a secluded beach while our organic coconut oil body wash cleanses and hydrates your skin.The coconut tree is a universal symbol of the tropics, and its fruit has been a staple of traditional healing for millennia. Our skin-loving formula combines certified organic shea butter with coconut oil and aloe for a juicy papaya body wash that rejuvenates and renews your skin’s natural softness.




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