Organic Bamboo and Charcoal



The activated bamboo charcoal powder in the shampoo has high porosity in comparison with regular charcoal increasing its absorption capacity along with a negative charge making it function as a magnet for the positively charged molecules which include toxins and other harmful substances. This quality helps the shampoo in thoroughly cleansing the scalp and hair by stripping off all the dirt and toxic substances that our everyday lifestyle bombards us with. This function makes this shampoo a regular use one that needs to become a part of your self-care routine.

Charcoal helps absorb deep-rooted impurities beyond what a standard shampoo can cleanse away. It is especially good for the scalp because it targets impurities at the root of the hair that can clog the hair follicle and cause scalp issues.Bamboo Charcoal Shampoo gently exfoliates your scalp without stripping off the natural oils. This shampoo gradually reverses and prevents greying of hair.
It thoroughly nourishes your scalp and strengthens your hair follicles.
It moisturizes limp hair, boosts hair growth and provides smoother hair texture.
Cleans your scalp and frees up the clogged pores for better nutrient and moisture absorption




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