My First Big Book 3 [Step by step your child communicates] [11″ x 8″] Paperback


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Child response to picture books from 0 – 6 years
0-1 years (Observing and recognizing) : The child focuses on pictures and colors, enjoys looking at
picture books, distinguishes among pictures, and imitates gestures and actions.
1-2 years ( Developing a abilities) : The child imitates actions and language, recognizes and identifies familiar objects in the picture book with adult assistance, and understand words and commands.
2-3 years (promoting skills) : The child chooses picture books by himself/herself, names pictured objects, and identifies several objects within one picture.
3-4 years (Curiosity and inquisitiveness) : The child seeks information through why and how questions, and and learns both by observing and listening to explanations.
4-5 years : (Developing creativity and intelligence): The child plays with words, mimicking and creating sounds, makes rhymes, recognizes many colors, draws, and describes pictures.
5-6 years (Promoting thinking) : The child can talk confidently and clearly. She/He is curious about the meaning of words.
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