Mukammal Noorani Qaaidah


Primer for learning Qur’anic Recitation With Urdu & English Notes on the Basic Laws of Tajweed
Author: Mohammad Yusuf
ISBN-10: 8171016413

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Author: Mohammad Yusuf
Binding: Paperback
Printing: One Color
Pages: 60
Size: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.2
Full Description: This coloured “Mukammal Noorani Qaaidah” is for teaching children how to recite the Holy Qur’an, beginnig from single alphabets then short words, pharses and then complete verses.
This particular version contains detailed directions in Urdu & English. The rules of Tajweed (proper way of reciting the Qur’an) are differentiated through different colours, so that these rules may become easy for the beginners to follow and understand them completely.
Similarly, it is also useful for the newly converts to Islam who are being taught how to recite the Holy Qur’an by a teacher.
Net Weight (LB): 0.19
Edition: 2015
Publication Year: 2015
Shipping Weight (LB): 1
ISBN-10: 8171016413
Publishers Note: For many years, an abridged Noorani Qaidah was being printed by various publishers. This resulted in many teachers and pupils ofthen experiencing difficulties. A concerted effort was thus made to find an old (original) print of this Qaidah, to which the existing Qaidah could be compared to, and guidance on the abridged version could be provided. This would eradicate the difficulties experienced by the teachers and pupils alike, Insha-Allah. Hence an old print, dated 1350 A.H. (published by the Lahore Printing Works), was found. When comparing the present copies with the older print, many discrepancies surfaced. Therefore, keeping the old (original) copy as a guide, the teachers, in the light of their experience, made some valuable guideline and additions to the original. Thus this Qaidah was named “Mukammal Nooraani Qaidah” (complete Nooraani Qaidah).
Country of Printing: India

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