Manzil Arabic/ English/ Transliterations (PocketSize)


Pocket Edition
Author: M.A.H. Eliasi
ISBN-10: 8172313950
Publisher: Islamic Book Service

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Author: M.A.H. Eliasi
Translator: Abdullah Yusuf Ali
Binding: Paperback
Printing: Four Color
Pages: 48
Size: 4.75 x 3.5 x 0.2
Full Description: This “Manzil” has proved to be extremely effective for protection against the evil influence of Jinn, Sih’r (Wichcraft, Sorcery etc.)
This “Manzil” is amongst the tried and tested du’as and formulas of Shaikh Muhammad Zakariya the Mashaa’ikh of his family, and other Muslim scholars of high rank.
Net Weight (LB): 0.07
Publication Year: 2014
Shipping Weight (LB): 0.15
ISBN-10: 8172313950
Publisher: Islamic Book Service
Country of Printing: India

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