Major Themes of the Holy Qur’an


Author: Dr. Aftab Shahryar
Publisher: Islamic Book Service

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Author: Dr. Aftab Shahryar
Binding: Paperback
Printing: One Color
Pages: 484
Full Description: Major Themes of the Holy Qur’an represents an attempt to introduce the reader to the major themes in the Qur’an as explained by classical and modern interpreters such as Al-Tabari, Baidawi, Zamkhshari and Ibn Kathir in addition to that of Iman Razi, Az-Zuhri, Ibn Sina, Fatima Mernisi and Maurice Bucaille. This collection of classical and modern interpretation of key passages of the Qur’an has topical arrangement. In the face of the rising tide of westren civilization Islam is faced with the need to articulate its theological themes with the clarity and vigour it demonstrated in its ‘golden centuries’. At the same time our new generations need to be reminded of the major themes of the sacred text which have their origin in the past but continue to rise afresh in the present, and demand to be made newly relevant in the future.
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Edition: 2005
Publication Year: 2005
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Publisher: Islamic Book Service
Country of Printing: India

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