Kitab Al-Ikhlas


Author: Shaikh Hussein Al-Awaysha
ISBN-10: 188827641X
Publisher: The Daar of Islamic Heritage,Inc

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Author: Shaikh Hussein Al-Awaysha
Binding: Paperback
Printing: One Color
Pages: 123
Full Description: In today’s world, where mankind is divided into various religions and faiths are consumed by conflicting aspirations, lusts, and desires, people (meaning the disbelievers and those who do not implement Islam in their lives) indulge in various types of behavior and conduct in pursuit of happiness, or so they claim. But, the majority of mankind fail to acquire what they believe leads to their happiness and only a minority of them succeed. Yet, what this minority gains is a temporary relief, followed by a long period of misery in this life, let alone the punishment in the Hereafter. Such people deserve feelings of pity, sadness and sorrow for their plight, for how can they miss the true guidance while the path is clear? And how can they become this wicked, when the Straight Path is laid in front of their eyes?
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Publication Year: 1997
Shipping Weight (LB): 0.60
ISBN-10: 188827641X
Publisher: The Daar of Islamic Heritage,Inc
Country of Printing: USA

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