Brand:Irish Moss.
Purpose:Weight Loss Cell Food Vitamins & Nutrien.
Country/Region Of Manufacture:Jamaica.
Imported from USA.
Daikon RadishIrish mossIrish moss is not actually a moss but a
type of seaweed that has been used for centuries in Ireland
(hence the name) as a healing sea vegetable used in soup broths
to fortify and strengthen malnourished individuals. During the
Irish famine in the mid 1800’s, seaweeds became a main supplement
of nutrition for the Irish people, playing a significant role as
an abundant, easily harvested and prepared source of sustenance
throughout this historical food shortage.Irish sea moss is a red
seaweed variety that is often sourced from the Chondrus
crispus species, but is also derived from the genus Gracilaria, a
less leafy variation. Chondrus crispuscommonly grows off the
shores of Ireland, Great Britain, the Atlantic coastlines of the
U.S. and Canada, most European shores as well as Iceland. Whereas
gracilaria, another type of red marine algae also referred to as
irish moss, comes from warmer oceanic environments


Irish Sea Moss by Ajwa


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