Pure Sea Moss Powder 4 oz.
Irish Moss Powder.
All natural Sea Weed.
Free shipping on Sea Moss(Irish Moss).
helps to reduce swelling and act as a natural anti-inflammatory.
Imported from USA.
Irish Moss is known to have many health benefits to the human
body. Irish Moss or Sea Moss is known to have high mineral
content and can be included in any dish. This seaweed is known to
accelerate the recovery from injuries to the joints and
strengthening connective tissues and cartilage. It helps to
reduce swelling and act as a natural anti-inflammatory for sports
injuries or ailments affecting the knees, ankles and other joints
of the body. Product as a strong sea smell, because it is a
product of the ocean. Pouch contains 4 oz Powder, but will appear
half full due to the product weighs heavy.


Irish Sea Moss by Ajwa


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