Dome Shape Electric Burners Small



Dome Shape Electric Bakhoor Burner 110v Incense Burner Regulator Electric Incense Burner – Oud Wood Chip Bakhoor Burner Gift Positive Energy (Dome). Intended for wood Chips or Arabian Bakhoor burning. Do not use oil or oil based frankincense with this burner. To avoid discoloration of the metal lid, you may clean it with mild soap and water after use. Effortless bakhur/bakhoor burner for your Stay-at-Home parties or your personal relaxation time.
Electric Bakhoor Burner 110v Incense Burner Electric Incense Burner
Oudh Bakhoor Burner Positive Energy
High Temperature suitable for burning bakhoor or wood incense.
Note: Not suitable for resin/oil. Will void warranty if used to burn oils or liquids.


Electric Incense Burenr


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