Commanders Of The Muslim Army


Among the Companions of the Prophet (PBUH)
Author: Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar
Publisher: Darussalam Publishers & Distributors

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Author: Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar
Translator: Jamila Muhammad Qawi
Co-Translator: Muhammad Ayub Sapra
Binding: Hardback
Printing: One Color
Pages: 392
Full Description: This book is about the lives of those noble Companions and Commanders who led the Islamic forces in the violent and strifetorn arenas of conflict against the Kuffar (disbelievers) . They struck terror in the hearts of the enemy and the strong forts and palaces of Caesar and Chosroes trembled before their might. However, in this compilation, there are not only the stories of the battlefields but also the stories of bravery and courage, valor and piety, austerity and simplicity. These stories describe the true circumstances that led the Muslims to fight more powerful enemies than they were at that time.
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Edition: 2001
Shipping Weight (LB): 2
Publisher: Darussalam Publishers & Distributors
Publishers Note: All Praises are due to Allah the Almighty, the Lord of all that exists. May Allah’s peace and blessing be upon His final Prophet and Messenger, Muhammad, his family and his Companions.
Darussalam is pleased to present this valuable book, ‘Commanders of the Muslim Army (Among the Companions of the Prophet [SAW])’ compiled in the Urdu language, by a great scholar and a compiler of Islamic books, Mahmood Ahmad Ghadanfar and translated by our Islamic sister Jamila Muhammad Qawi.
This book is about the life stories of the Prophet’s Companions who led the Muslim army that was trained by the Messenger of Allah (SAW). Once during the training when the Prophet (SAW) asked about the strategy to adopt in the battle, one of his Companion, ‘Asim bin Thabit (RA) had stood up with his bow in his hand and replied:
“When the enemy is a hundred yards away, we will use our bows and arrows; when the enemy comes closer, we will fight with our spears; when the spears break, we will have a hand to hand combat with our swords.”
When the Prophet (SAW) heard this, he said:
“Doubtless this was the way to fight a battle. Whoever wishes to take part in a battle should adopt the strategy of ‘Asim bin Thabat.”
These great martial Commanders improved upon and developed the strategies and principles first enunciated by the Prophet (SAW). They loved death more than life in their pursuit of the righteous and true religion, therefore sometimes the opposing forces were ten times larger than the Muslim army and with superior arms, yet most often it were the forces of Islam which were victorious. Therefore the Prophet (SAW) gave some of them the title of Saifullah (Sword of Allah) and the title of Lion of Allah.
After the death of the Prophet (SAW), the empire of Islam spread over an area of ten hundred thousand square miles. We should have to study inevitably the lives of these remarkable military leaders if we are deeply interested in learning about the Islamic history.
Pray to Allah the Almighty that He grants them all – the writer, translator and editor and everyone else who participated by any means – the best reward in this world and in the Hereafter, for having supported in the completion of such a valuable book. Ameen.
Country of Printing: India
Warning: This book is not printed by Darussalam, this is printed in India and does not match the original quality of the Darussalam printing.
This is second quality prints to reduce the printing cost and make it affordable. If you are looking for orginal Darussalam printed books then please do not buy this.

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