Bringing Up Children In Islam


Author: Maulana Habiibullaah Mukhtaar
ISBN-10: 8172312857
Publisher: Islamic Book Service

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Author: Maulana Habiibullaah Mukhtaar
Translator: Rafiiq ‘Abdurrahmaan
Binding: Hardback
Printing: One Color
Pages: 440
Size: 8.5 x 5.5 x 1
Full Description: This book takes an easy approach to the fundamental principles of upbringing and the manner and rules of training. It discusses the subject of rearing and training from every angle. The book contains guidelines on imparting religious discipline, character building, spiritual education, intellectual growth and physical instruction.
Net Weight (LB): 1.30
Edition: 1998
Publication Year: 2005
Shipping Weight (LB): 2
ISBN-10: 8172312857
Publisher: Islamic Book Service
Publishers Note: A word about the English translation
It was on the suggestion of Maulaanaa Doctor Habiibullaah Mukhtaar Saahib that I took up the translation of his Urdu book, “Mukhtasar Tarbiyate Aulaad aur Islam.” The book is a wealth of information on the subject and is very exhaustive. I have gained invaluable knowledge through it. I hope that I have done justice to the translation and that readers too will find it informative and interesting.
I found transliterating some names difficult, particularly those that are in the Arabic Version of the ‘Tarbiyatul Awlaad fil Islaam’ and also in the Urdu version of the ‘Tarbiyate Aulaad aur Islaam’. I would be grateful if readers could guide me in this respect and point out any lapses.
Valuable assistance and suggestions were offered by the scholars of the jaami-a’ tul ‘Uluumil Islaamiyyah. I am grateful to all who have guided me, especially Maulaanaa Dr. Habiibullaah Mukhtaar, the honourable Chancellor of the jaami’ atul ‘Uloomil Islaamiyah. I owe a heavy debt of gratitude to them for their confidence in me and entrusting to me the very high responsibility of translating their books.
I pray to Allaah Ta’aalaa to reward them all and make this book useful for Muslims and for the propagation of Islaam.
Country of Printing: India

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