Black Soap Charcoal



Black Soap Charcoal, this product is carefully crafted for people with all skin types but works great on oily and combination skin. The soap helps in detoxification, purification and moisturization of skin.

Black Soap Charcoal absorbing properties make it fantastic for oily skin. It binds to dirt and oils and pulls them from pores, detoxifying and leaving skin clean and refreshed. (Charcoal is also a great deodorizer, making this soap a perfect shower bar as well.) The addition of Tea Tree Oil enhances the bar’s antibacterial properties and adds a natural, earthy scent. To balance the clarifying effect of the charcoal and tea tree oil, we?ve added decadent Tamanu Oil, for its regenerative and skin nourishing properties making this an ideal soap for dry, sensitive skin as well.




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