Black Seed Oil 16oz

PURE BLACK SEED OIL – 16oz – Ships in Glass Bottle
Cold Pressed in USA – Pure Nigella sativa – Black Cumin Oil
Unfiltered, Undiluted, Very Dark and Potent, Vegan, Halal, Non- GMO
What to look for while buying black seed oil:
There are several sellers of Black Seed oil in the market. Please make sure your Black Seed Oil is:
1. 100% Pure and cold-pressed
2. Free from any additives ? no added oil, flavor, color, preservative etc
3. NON GMO, Vegan, Unfiltered and Undiluted
4. Ships in a glass bottle
5. Guaranteed to be 100% Hexane free.
Why purchase your Black Seed Oil from
1. Our Black Seed oil is all natural and 100% pure and cold pressed
2. We import our own Black Seed from India and Egypt (depending on season)
3. We cold press our own Black Seed Oil using our own cold press machine in NY
4. Our Black Seed Oil is guaranteed to be 100% Hexane free
5. We do not add any oil, flavor, color, preservative or anything else to our black seed oil. The only ingredient of our Black Seed Oil is 100% Black Seed. Absolutely nothing else.
6. Our black seed oil is NON GMO, Vegan, undiluted, unfiltered and very dark


Black Seed Oil

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