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Black Castor Oil is extracted through the traditional method of roasting, grinding and boiling the castor seed before being pressed to release the signature dark brown oil. The main difference between Jamaican and cold pressed castor oil lies in the process. Unlike the method of roasting that creates the Jamaican variety, cold pressed castor oil is made by exerting force onto castor beans to extract a pure form of castor oil that is light in colour. By contrast, it is the ash from the roasting process that gives the Jamaican oil its distinctive heaviness and rich colour. The Jamaican variety of castor oil is especially useful for those whose scalp or hair has become dry and flaky. This could be for a number of reasons including environmental pollutants, heat styling and even some shampoos or hair treatments. Because it is rich in omega 9, this oil can help moisturise the scalp, preventing dehydration and itchiness. In turn, its deeply hydrating properties are believed to repair damaged hair fibres, hence, Jamaican black castor oil is considered essential for growing healthy and strong long hair.




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