Beyond The World


Author: Mufti M. Taqi Usmani
ISBN-10: 8174356878
Publisher: Adam Publishers & Distributors

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Author: Mufti M. Taqi Usmani
Translator: Yaqeen Ul Haq Ahmad Sikander
Binding: Paperback
Printing: One Color
Pages: 36
Size: 8.5 x 5.5 x 0.2
Full Description: What will happen after death? The absolute and certain answer of this question can be known only from the Glorious Quran and Hadith. Today no person can answer this question upon his own witnessing as the person who really meets death does not return back.
This book contains some interesting experiences and contemplations of those people who returned back after reaching upto the brink of death and they narrated in detail whatever they saw at the door of death. Among those many people said that after passing through a dark tunnel, they saw a ‘Being of Light’ and then that ‘Being of Light’ presented before them the outline of their previous life.
This book is the English version of “Duniya Ke Us Paar” by Mufti M. Taqi Usmani is strange as well as interesting. To preserve this essay it was given the form of a book. At the end of the book a Fatwa of Drarul Uloom Karachi has also been included in which the topic was summarized in an easier format.
Net Weight (LB): 0.14
Edition: 2010
Publication Year: 2010
Shipping Weight (LB): 1
ISBN-10: 8174356878
Publisher: Adam Publishers & Distributors
Country of Printing: India

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