Bamboo Charcoal Soap



Bamboo Charcoal Soap Draws out dirt, toxins, and dead skin cells so your skin can breathe like new again. … Unlike normal acne soaps that claim they are good, they only clean the surface of your skin, bamboo charcoal soap can cleanse skin of people who have acne, eczema, psoriasis, and/or dry/cracked skin.

Activated charcoal is highly regarded for its detoxifying properties- drawing out dirt from the surface to fight pore congestion. It also has deodorizing properties that remove impurities and toxins to maintain body odour.The soap is filled with the goodness of edible bamboo charcoal, lemon, teatree ,bergamot and lemon verbena oil.Lemon verbena, especially, has healing properties that prove to be essential for skin repair. On the other hand, the lemon and verbena essential oil relieves itchy skin and eczema due to its anti-bacterial properties. All in all, the Activated Charcoal Soap is suitable for all skin types; from oily to dry skin.




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