Bamboo Charcoal Honey with Sage Extract



Bamboo Activated Charcoal is a revolution in the industry. Since bamboo is wood, its macro-molecule porosity is the best for teeth-whitening, blackhead masks, detox and hair purification. It is the fastest growing plant, hence making the product eco-friendly as well.

Activated bamboo charcoal is a powerful whole body cleanser then has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda to rapidly absorbed and flush out harmful toxins, increase energy levels and improve digestive function.
It is best for fast acting and gentle detox remove toxins and heavy metals, alleviates gas and bloating, improves skin health, supports kidneys, supports liver a, boost brain function, reduce high cholesterol, supports anti agent, toxin removal, digestive Quinn’s, cholesterol reduction, pain relief, water purification, detoxes the blood.
Sexual health benefits
Activated bamboo charcoal honey increases sexual desires and power. Having a good sexual stamina can make you last longer in bed. This is not in doubts, honey in conjunction with milk increases your sexual stamina. If you want a good sexual stamina you are therefore advised to consume a mixture of honey and milk for a better sex life.




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