Ashwagandha Powder



Ashwagandha powder works as a natural rejuvenator at the end of a long day.
Promotes healthy mental?clarity, alleviates?anxiety?and helps?the body to relax.
Free of artificial color, flavor, sulfates, phthalates, dioxides, stearate.
one of the more nutritious ways to combat fatigue.
It helps increasing stress resistance and calm the mind. It helps to strengthen the immune system

ASHWAGANDHA holds a place in the ayurvedic pharmacology similar to ginseng in Chinese medicine. It is the best rejuvenative herb, particularly for the muscles, marrow & semen and for Vata constitution. It inhibits aging & catalyzes the anabolic processes of the body. Sattvic in quality, it is one of the best herbs for the mind upon which it is nurturing & clarifying and promotes deep, dreamless sleep.




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