Aloe Vera Powder



Aloe Vera powder for hair adds moisture relief to dry itchy flaky scalp preventing dandruff and stimulating natural hair growth Aloe Vera Maintains the Natural pH Balance of the Scalp and Helps in Preventing the Dry Scalp.
Aloe Vera Improves the Hair Texture and Makes the Hair Thicker by Providing Nutrition to the Hair Roots, Hair Follicles and Hair Shaft.

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Aloe Vera Contains 75 Active Constituents Beneficial to Skin. It is Rich in Vitamin A (Beta-Carotene), C and E, and Vitamin B12, Enzymes, Minerals, Lignin, Saponins & Amino Acids, Folic Acid & Choline.
Aloe Vera is an Excellent Natural Moisturizer, Repairs Damaged Skin, Controls Dark Spots, Provides Nourishment to Skin and Keeps the Skin Hydrated and Healthy.




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