African Black Soap Honey & Almond Soap

African Black Soap Honey & Almond Soap



Coat your skin with refreshment and open new benefits with Madina’s moisturizing and exfoliating Honey & Almond Soap. Containing extracts of almond, honey, and green tea to preserve skin, and black seed oil to reverse the aging process, this soap is perfect for both face and body.

Gorgeous baby-soft skin is no more a distant dream! Bio-Organic & Natural African Black Mud Soap is blessed with deep penetrating and mild scrubbing properties of African mud. This soap would transform your damaged skin into radiant and smooth if used regularly. This handmade soap has a fascinating ability to absorb moisture from the air, leaving your skin thoroughly nourished and moisturised. African mud is known for its multifarious benefits. It helps to tone and moisturize the skin while helping to dissolve subcutaneous fat. This soap is also enhanced with a touch of organic vetiver and lemon essential oils.


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