A Khimar for Nadia


Author: Fawzia Gilani
ISBN-10: 1842000594
Publisher: Ta-Ha Publishers LTD

SKU: BK2224 Categories:

Author: Fawzia Gilani
Co-Author: Rin Budiati Warrilow
Binding: Paperback
Printing: Four Color
Pages: 24
Size: 8.25 x 6 x 0.2
Full Description: Nadia’s Khimar is old and worn so Mother decides to buy her a new one. But when they go shopping all the khimars that they see are too expensive. Nadia desparately wants a green Khimar but knows Mother can’t afford one. Instead she chooses some cloth so one can be sewn for her. This is a compassionate tale of a mother’s desire to make a beautiful Eid memory and a selfless child whose patience and love for Allah finally reward her.
Recommended for ages 8-10 years
Net Weight (LB): 0.18
Edition: 2004
Shipping Weight (LB): 1
ISBN-10: 1842000594
Publisher: Ta-Ha Publishers LTD
Country of Printing: United Kingdom

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